ICAO security push

ICAO members, ministers and security officials from 23 international organizations have pledged to “establish processes for identifying and handling high-risk air cargo and protecting supply chains” following a conference in Montreal, Canada.
The ICAO hosted conference aimed to highlight the importance of a more coordinated global response to “evolving terrorist threats” and to reduce the burden on the air cargo industry.
Raymond Benjamin, secretary general of ICAO, says: “A key message from this Conference has been that we must make aviation security more sustainable.
“This means maintaining or augmenting the already robust measures… in a streamlined manner that better recognizes the necessary movement of people and goods. 
“Fortunately, technology and risk-based methodologies now point us to that more sustainable future and ICAO, through high-level events such as the one is helping to define the roadmap that will take us there.”
Delegates also endorsed a blueprint for monitoring individual states’ compliance with security provisions through ICAO audits and called on governments to contribute resources to assist those in need of assistance.
The ICAO Council will formally consider the recommendations later this year.
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