Il-76 crashes in Karachi killing 11

A SUN Way Il-76 freighter crashed into a Karachi naval base on Sunday 28 November killing all eight crewmembers. The aircraft crashed into a building site also killing three labourers working there. Many other people were injured and buildings destroyed or damaged.

Early reports blame a bird strike for bringing down the aircraft shortly after takeoff from Karachi International Airport heading for Khartoum (Sudan). It was carrying 31 tons of humanitarian cargo.

The crew has been named as: captain Nyzsnyk Taras, co-pilot Dyadechko Sergey, navigator Shpunt Oleksandr, flight engineer Solo Danko Yedgen, radio operator Malyy Golozymyr, load master Ylyanov Alexander (the only Russian), and engineers Koroliov Victor and Abaturov Vicheslav.

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