Indian airports upgrade cargo infrastructure

IN order to keep up with expanding cargo and passenger volumes, Delhi and Mumbai airports are opening doors to foreign investment.

Issues such as security and cargo handling efficiency are being combated by Turkey-based ground handling and cargo player Celebi Holdings, which plans to spend US$100 million by 2015 at the airports.

The company has already spent $35 million on construction and $12 million towards purchase of equipment and security upgrade at Delhi International Airport’s (DIAL) 70,000m2 cargo facility expected to be completed by early 2012.

Celebi’s Delhi cargo terminal licence includes developing, modernising, financing and operating the existing terminal for 25 years and ground handling includes ramp services, baggage handling, aircraft cleaning, fuel liaison, operation services and supervision.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is India’s second-largest airport in terms of cargo traffic after Mumbai, with 430,000 tonnes of cargo handled in 2008, projected to reach one million tonnes by 2016.

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