ITF hypes up green credentials

ITF Infotech has proclaimed itself the world’s greenest IT company and is the only carbon and water positive company in this sector.

On the day that BAA comes under attack for being inefficient, uncompetitive and failing to deliver T5 effectively, the airline sector is undergoing severe pressure from a myriad of stakeholders to improve their operations.

As cargo and airlines start to suffer financial shockwaves from the credit crunch, the pressure to outsource and reduce costs intensifies.

The airline industry, however, has to cut costs at the same time as meeting new environmental standards. Airlines are in danger of compromising environmental targets by trying to save money and opting for cheaper suppliers.

Airlines, travel, transportation and logistics companies are under greater pressure from consumers and investors to cut costs, as well as carbon emissions and outsource their operations to India, this often compromises their social and environmental standards.

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