Just do it How e-freight came to Schiphol Airport

THERE was surprise when it was announced e-freight at Schiphol airport would become compulsory, with some questioning how exactly Schiphol planned on forcing forwarders to make the switch.

However, Enno Osinga (right), senior vice-president at Schiphol Airport, denies the airport ever made that demand.

“I know Cathay Pacific and KLM have said that they will only deal with e-freight from Schiphol airport from the New Year. Whether it actually happens, I don’t know. But I don’t think it’s a matter of it being compulsory. I think in a few years’ time every process will make e-freight essential. Look at the US discussions about providing early information on cargo contents. It is simply a burden to do this in any other way than electronic. I’m sure Customs organisations will soon simply prioritise those who have their documents electronically because they can process them quicker and only then go on to those who still use paper.”

For the full story read the latest free digital edition of Air Cargo News, no. 692 dated 13 December, here.

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