Karagandy makes play as ‘perfect location’

KARAGANDY Airport is on the rise, proclaiming itself to be ‘the new cargo hub in central Asia’. Although it faces stiff competition, not only in Kazakhstan, but in the region as a whole, Karagandy certainly has some unique assets that are proving increasingly popular with freighter airlines.

“Central Kazakhstan is right in the centre of Eurasia and the perfect location for freighter stops between Europe and Asia,” says chief executive officer, Daulet Khamzin. The airport, thus far, has concentrated on transit landings only, but this is all soon to change according to Khamzin. “Our strategic plans will see us establishing Karagandy as a major distribution centre for the region. We will be able to accept air cargo bound for all central Asian countries.

Having invested heavily in new facilities and equipment, the airport is beginning to reap the dividends. “We have attracted Air Cargo Germany as a major client. They currently perform about 60 landings per month here. We are working with ACG to offer a brand new product with full offloading and onloading here. We can then distribute easily to anywhere in Kazakhstan or to regional neighbours such as Afghanistan. Another major development has been a new open agreement with Customs allowing quick and easy clearance and this, combined with the very low taxes, makes us the least complicated and most cost-effective airport in the region,” says Khamzin.

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