Kargosistem welcomes capacity hike

MAINDECK space shortages ex-Istanbul may now be eased for Turkish GSSA Kargosistem as a result of a significant capacity increase of its major client DHL.
The sales agency has also committed to additional freighter space on another operator for the next year, opening up availability on three-times-weekly operations to London Heathrow.
The uprated services will also provide additional connections to the networks of online and offline clients including Kenya Airways, Air Transat, DHL and Avient.
Kargosistem also has the option to take space on services to Liege, and is looking at additional capacity on a second freighter operator.
Liege flights would link to client carrier networks, using road feeders.
Such a commitment to space on the part of a cargo GSSA is unusual and nor is this a low-cost solution to the problem of capacity limits, insists Kargosistem managing director Demir Ozerman. 
However, the new freighter capacity solves a long-standing shortage of first-sector space out of Istanbul, which has seen Kargosistem turning away business over the past 12 months.
"This commitment to additional capacity will at least partially fill the gap between limited supply and our constantly growing demand; this will enable us to offer a more consistent service for our freight agent customers, and bring additional revenue to our carrier principals,” Ozerman adds.
"Overall, this is good news for the market here [Turkey]: we are delivering additional options for moving cargo and so offering our customers wider choice."
Established in 1996, Kargosistem has offices in Istanbul (downtown and airport), Ankara, Izmir and Bursa.
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