Kennel warning after dog escape

AMERICAN Airlines has issued a fresh warning on snap top kennels after a dog broke lose on a busy runway.
The dog-named Cup Cake was found dead on the airstrip following off loading at Dallas Fort Worth, US.
The incident may have lessons to learn for everyone in the pet transport industry.
Flying from Newark to Orlando via the Texan hub an AA report, published through the US Transportation Department, blamed an agent in Newark for accepting the kennel, which was against the airline’s cargo policy.
The report concludes: “AA training has released system-wide advisories to all cargo and passenger service personnel reinforcing the prohibition of snap-together kennels for cargo shipments or customer checked pets.
“Additionally, the live animal checklist was updated with a more precise description of a snap top kennel.
“Lastly, the live animal acceptance training lesson is in the process of being updated with this information as well.”
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