Kent measured for A1 performance

TWO B747 freighters, carrying single seat racing cars, touched down at Kent International Airport as the A1GP World Cup moved onto the UK.

The Atlas Air aircraft were laden with more than 200 tonnes worth of racing cars and other motoring equipment including mobile workshops.

Kent International Airport was chosen as the A1GP tour’s entry point into the UK, due to the airport’s excellent freight handling capability, and proximity to Brands Hatch, where the last race of the 2008 season, will take place on 4 May.

The huge loads – containing 29 cars, including six spares for the 22 country teams competing in A1GP – left China bound for KIA, following the previous race in the A1GP series in Shanghai.

Matt Clarke, chief executive of KIA, said: “It is great to play our part in making fantastic events like A1GP go according to plan. The sheer scale of the operation and amount of equipment they have to move around for every race, is fascinating.

“Like the A1GP series like ourselves, has seen rapid expansion. In terms of the level and types of freight we are handling, KIA is growing quickly thanks to our location and our reputation for skilled freight handling and quick turnarounds. Prestigious work such as the handling of A1GP’s arrival in Britain can only enhance our standing in the industry.”

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