Kenya money stolen in transit

OVER US$930,000 has been stolen while in transit from Kenya to the Netherlands on British Airways (BA). The money – half of a larger shipment – left G4S’s (formerly Group 4 Security) vault in Nairobi and was to be shipped to Amsterdam via the UK. However, on arrival the money was found to be missing.Investigators have discovered that three shipping agents had contact with the money before it was loaded onto the BA flight but they still don’t know whether it went missing before it reached Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, while being loaded or while on the BA aircraft.G4S communications manager Dan Okoth said: “One value cargo box had different seals from what had been applied.”Unsurprisingly, G4S managing director, Jack Muchira, is insistent that the theft only happened after it had left G4S hands. “G4S (Kenya) handed over the secured cargo to the airline security staff who received and signed for receipt of the consignment. At this point G4S handed over its responsibility of the cargo to the airline,” he said.He said the cargo might have been interfered with before its arrival at its destination.

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