KTS signs agreement with KWE

SHIPPING and logistics company Kuwait Transcontinental Shipping (KTS) has signed a global freight forwarding agreement with Kintetsu World Express (KWE).

Under the agreement, KTS is the exclusive partner of KWE for the movement of cargo between Kuwait and worldwide destinations with the Japanese forwarder.

Mr Mikko Wieru, general manager of KTS said: “The expected volume growth from this deal will enable us to expand our market share which is inline with our strategic goal to consolidate our leadership position in Kuwait. We are also looking at opportunities to develop our Iraq business as well.”

KWE’s director for south-east Asia and the Middle East, Mr Yoshinori Watarai, said: “Having KTS as a partner – one which has 30 years of experience in Kuwait – enables us to enhance our competitive strengths in the region for strategic business development, in particular, in areas of peacekeeping and disaster relief as well as oil and gas where we have strong competencies.”

Established in 1970, KWE is the world’s seventh largest freight forwarding company and has over 8,000 employees in 30 countries.

(From left to right) Mr Kamal Boyaqama, logistics manager of KTS Mr Yoshinori Watarai, KWE’s director for South-East Asia and Middle East region, Mr Mikko Wieru, general manager of KTS.

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