LH Cargo introduce explosive trace detection systems

At all destinations served by Lufthansa Cargo in the US market, state-of-the-art explosive trace detection systems will be installed shortly with the capability to detect various types of explosives concealed within shipments.

In 2007, US Congress mandated that within three years, all cargo transported on passenger aircraft must be 100 per cent screened. The regulation is to be implemented in phases: 50 per cent of all shipments must be checked by February 2009 and all shipments by August 2010. Already today freight from unknown shippers is subjected to complete controls.

“By implementing the regulation ahead of schedule, we are already guaranteeing the highest security standards this year,” said Harald Zielinski, security chief at Lufthansa Cargo. “With such an investment in the single-digit million euros, Lufthansa Cargo can further strengthen its market leadership in the security sector, while offering our customers maximum security.”

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