LH Cargo leads e-freight in Germany

AT the Annual General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Istanbul, Lufthansa Cargo has been appointed leading cargo carrier for the e-freight project in Germany. IATA simultaneously named Germany, the biggest air cargo market in Europe, as e-freight market.

Lufthansa Cargo chairman, Carsten Spohr (right), said: “Lufthansa Cargo will press ahead firmly with the e-freight project and expressly further paperless cargo transport. With the help of this initiative, we intend to accelerate processes for the benefit of our customers, create cost-efficient structures and generally advance the cause of the airfreight industry.”

In cooperation with customers, Lufthansa Cargo will now make preparations for the first paperless shipment and put in place the required processes. The aim is to facilitate the first paperless transport from Germany at the end of the year.

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