LH Cargo sets Krasnoyarsk ball in motion

AFTER being forced to move its main stop over hub from Astana, Kazakhstan to Krasnoyarsk in Russia, by stronghand Russian tactics, Lufthansa Cargo has begun the process of placing contracts to ensure the airport can meet its needs.

The airline has signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ over strategic aims with AiRUnion and Krasnoyarsk.

The signatories agreed that together they will together create all operational and commercial prerequisites, in order that Lufthansa Cargo can make use of the Siberian airport as a stop-over point for its flights to and from Asia.

Krasnoyarsk Airport and the service companies operating there, have promised to implement corresponding measures and to make the necessary investments. The measures to be implemented include, among other things, the upgrading of the instrument landing system to the so-called ICAO category II, which allows movements in adverse weather conditions. This modernisation should be completed and officially certified by the end of 2008.

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