AIRLINE Services GSA, the pan-Nordic cargo GSSA, has been appointed GSA for Lithuanian Airlines in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Lithuanian commenced three weekly services from Stockholm to Vilnius in June and Airline Services GSA will focus its initial efforts on cargo from the Swedish market. Later in the year, the company plans to introduce express road feeders to transfer cargo onto these flights from Norway and Finland.

Cargo capacity is currently constrained by the airline’s use of Saab2000 aircraft, but it plans to phase in its larger B737 aircraft as soon as the route is established. Airline Services GSA expects most interest in Lithuanian’s services to its home base Vilnius, and beyond to Tallinn, Riga, Moscow, Kiev, Tiblisi, Minsk and Larnaca.

Airline Services GSA’s managing director for Sweden, Lee Pohl, said: “The main potential right now is here in Sweden, but Lithuanian used to serve Helsinki until 2006, and we are hopeful that they will reinstate this destination, as well as eventually adding flights to and from Oslo.”

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