Logistics team up to tackle China

THE companies, Deloitte, Ehrhardt + Partner, ProLogis, Dr Schmidt & collagen, SGS and HellmannWorldwide Logistics, have formed a cooperation to offer total solutions and comprehensive consultation for the Chinese market.

The official launch event took place on 25 March, 2008 in the Dusseldorf China Centre (DCC). Representatives of management from all the participating companies announced the future strategic cooperation in a ceremonial atmosphere.

The cooperation of these companies was initiated by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics The goal of the full service programme is to use individual consultation to introduce European companies to the Asian market with particular emphasis to the Chinese market.

Moreover, the Chinese company China-Desk, will support business activities in Europe. This is due to the fact that different legal and tax systems, advertising environments, along with cultural differences make for high entry barriers to China and can often interfere with successful entry to the country’s markets.

Felix Scherberich, who is responsible for supply chain management at Hellmann worldwide Logistics, said: “It is clear competitive advantage for our companies when we can offer the entire spectrum from one source. With these partners, custom-made solutions will be developed and made by top professionals along the entire value added chain.

“The cooperation between these leading firms will no doubt be a great benefit to the UK network and businesses wanting to expand into the Asian market. The greatest advantage is that every network always has the support of Hellmann’s global network, so when an initiative such as this one is introduced, it will be utilised to its full potential.”

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