Lufthansa Cargo celebrates a record year

THANKS to an 8.9 per cent lift in capacity Lufthansa Cargo carried a record 1.9 million metric tonnes of freight and mail in 2011, an increase of five per cent on the previous year.
The capacity increase comes mostly from integration, since the second half of 2010, of aircraft in the fleet of Austrian Airlines and the expansion to eight 777 freighters in the AeroLogic joint venture.
Lufthansa Cargo experienced sales of revenue freight-tonne kilometres jump by 6.5 per cent, meaning capacity utilisation reached 69.5 per cent. Last year it was 70.9 per cent.
"In our German home market we made full use of strong export demand to gain market shares," Lufthansa Cargo chief executive officer Karl Ulrich Garnadt (pictured) says.
"On the other hand, the economic climate in the important Asian airfreight market became increasingly bleak over the course of the year and led to over-capacities and increased competition for all airlines in the airfreight industry.
"That we managed to continue our growth course on a global level against that strong headwind manifests the strength and adoptability of Lufthansa Cargo," Garnadt adds.
"Lufthansa Cargo is excellently positioned in all growth markets. We will stay on our successful course and adjust our capacities flexibly in line with demand.”

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