Lufthansa Cargo launches paperless security process

PAPERLESS airfreight is moving closer and closer at innovative Lufthansa Cargo.
From now on, customers can send consignment-specific security information electronically to the airline.
The new electronic Consignment Security Declaration (eCSD) has been officially recognised by the German Federal Aviation office for transport in/from Germany.
The aim of the process is to provide evidence in electronic format that all suitable measures have been applied to avoid risks in the transport of airfreight and air mail.
Amongst other data, it contains information on how, when and by whom a consignment has been secured.
The standardisation of this process and the digital documentation of its evidence have replaced redundant security information in a range of formats.
After extensive tests carried out by Lufthansa Cargo, in conjunction with IATA and global forwarder Kühne + Nagel, there are no further obstacles in the way of electronic transmission of the security information, says a statement.
“The successful piloting of the eCSD process represents a significant increase in the efficiency of airfreight transport in Germany [and beyond],” enthuses Thilo Schäfer, vice-president of global hand-ling management at the German cargo airline.
“As all the information on those security measures which have been taken is available in electronic form at all times, potential delays and disruptions in the transport process will be significantly reduced for all those involved in this eFreight initiative,” he adds.
Lufthansa Cargo is proudly one of the main pioneers in the adoption of eFreight in the air cargo industry.
By 2015, paperless airfreight is expected to become the standard for all Lufthansa Cargo connections, the statement adds.

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