Lufthansa Cargo offers customers global real-time tracking

CUSTOMERS of Lufthansa Cargo can now pay for global real-time tracking of their shipments.
With the use of GSM transponders, they are able to check online where any consignment is at all times.
The carrier is offering its customers “maximum transparency and precise, real-time consignment tracking,” says a spokesperson.
The devices have been specifically designed for use on board aircraft and are the first officially-certified air cargo consignment trackers.
They switch off automatically during flight, in accordance with safety laws.
“Customers will find it very simple to use them,” the spokesperson adds.
“On request, we provide the required number of devices, which weigh just 50 grammes. The shipper can then place a tracker in any consignment and simply return the device by post after the goods have been transported,” enthuses Thilo Schäfer, vice-president of global handling management at Lufthansa Cargo.
Customers pay for the service only if they actually use it. “It also means they won’t have to invest in their own IT, so they can be fully flexible about how and when they use the new technology.”
Sister airline SwissWorldCargo is expected to introduce the service in the first quarter of 2014.

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