LUG wins Cargolux’s award for spotting mis-labeled dangerous goods

ALL-CARGO carrier Cargolux has rewarded ground services company LUG aircargo handling with a dangerous goods awareness award in “appreciation of its compliance, handling and reporting standards”.
The new annual initiative was launched by Cargolux to emphasise the critical importance of careful and proper dangerous goods handling.
“It is the ground handler’s duty to establish that all relevant checks are conducted and irregularities reported in a timely manner to warrant that only correctly packed, labeled and documented shipments are transported,” says a statement.
The award is presented on the basis of data taken from ground safety reports, air safety reports and any other relevant documents received.
According to Cargolux, throughout 2012, LUG has been very effective in spotting and reporting incorrectly documented and mis-labeled shipments, particularly those containing lithium batteries. This has helped Cargolux to comply with air regulations and lower the residual risk in the transport of dangerous goods.
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