Martinair borrows KLMs freighters

MARTINAIR is set to operate two of KLM Cargo’s B747-400ERF freighters as the first concrete sign of a major cooperation between the airlines.

With Martinair now a fully-fledged member of the KLM Group, this manipulation of the fleets will allow greater flexibility in the utilisation of the entire pool of freighters.

For a provisional period of six months, Martinair Cargo will operate two KLM ERFs in its network and will ground two of its older B747-400BCFs. The first flight using the ‘borrowed’ aircraft left for Doha and Singapore on 16 June.

As a result of the worsening economic situation, the decision was reached some time ago to temporarily reduce cargo capacity by two B747-400 full freighters at both KLM Cargo and Martinair Cargo.

Initially, two relatively new B747-400ERFs would have been parked by KLM, while two older Martinair -400BCFs would have remained in service. However, the new solution allowed Martinair to operate the more economical and higher payload KLM freighters.

While the aircraft will retain their own KLM livery, they will also display an “operated by Martinair” slogan.

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