Maximus adds life to fleet

MAXIMUS Air Cargo is undertaking a US$10 million overhaul of its Ilyushin fleet – extending their operating lifespan initially by seven years.

The three IL-76TD freighters were produced in 1992 and acquired by Maximus in 2005.

The overhaul and upgrade programme is being undertaken with Aviazapchast in conjunction with the Ilyushin Design Bureau.

One aircraft has already been completed at the Ryazan Plant 360 in the Russian Federation, work on the second is underway and the third will fly to Russia in January. Each comprehensive overhaul takes six months to complete.

“Safety is the first issue,” said Maximus president and chief executive Fathi Hilal Buhazza. “Our three aircraft are among the very few to be overhauled. Very rarely do any of the other IL-76TDs operating from many ex-Soviet countries receive the same care and attention.

“More restrictions have been placed by EU legislation on ageing aircraft on the grounds of safety and security. Given our substantial investment in life extending major overhaul programme, this only benefits the Maximus Air Cargo fleet and will continue to do so in the next seven years and beyond.”

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