Maximus pushes airfreight aid programme

MAXIMUS is calling for the air cargo industry to allow humanitarian cargoes to be freighted at cost price.

“It would be a great achievement for the industry, and a win-win situation for everyone,” said Mohammed Ali Parkar, vice-president commercial and finance for Maximus Air Cargo.

“Instead of operating 10 flights, we would end up doing nine, but we would still cover our overheads, the aircraft would be operational and it would be easier to send the relief to the people who need it; the social benefits are huge,” Parkar added.

“I’d say it’s so far so good for Maximus in 2009,” said Parkar, commenting on the company’s results for this year.

“The figures are disproportionate; for the US, the percentages are lower, but they are much higher in the Middle East, for example. So the recession has affected the global industry, but it has not affected Maximus that much. The future is bright and remains encouraging,” he said.

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