Menzies boasts perfect South African record

MENZIES Aviation announced that on 3 June every single one of its customers’ flights departed without an attributable delay to Menzies.
 Forsyth Black, senior vice-president Africa, Menzies Aviation, said: “We’ve come so far so quickly with our operations in South Africa. I’m tremendously proud of our team and their commitment and the Menzies spirit shown so far. We’re not complacent, however, and continue our strive to improve and innovate while staying safe and secure.”
 Menzies handled a total of 127 flight departures which, in addition to a range of international passenger flights, included 19 freighters and a substantial South African Express operation.
Having started full passenger, ramp and cargo handling at six of South Africa’s major airports on 1 March this year, Menzies Aviation has quickly overcome the challenges it faced with such a large overnight start-up.

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