Merger brings new UK freight division

CAMAIR Freight, based at Newcastle International Airport Freight Village, has merged with Tees Valley company BS Freight, to form Camair Freight Solutions, the freight division of Casper Shipping Limited.

BS Freight are based at Durham Tees Valley Airport Cargo Terminal.

Managing director of Camair Freight Solutions, Paul Bramley, said: “Despite the air of gloom surrounding our industry, borne out of ever increasing fuel prices, we have ambitious plans for growing the business.

“Increasingly our clients are seeking tailored freight solutions that require the flexibility of a lean organisation, yet the muscle of a large, well connected parent. We have both and it’s of great benefit to our many customers.

“We are hoping to make further announcements in the near future, but for now we are developing these two very well established companies and investing in them to create the successful model for our business which will realise our vision over the next five years.”

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