Midex faces AOC suspension threat

CARGO carrier Midex Airlines faces suspension of operations following a recent audit by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The GCAA discovered that Midex could not replace its directors of both quality and of safety, which it must approve, after the previous postholders died.

Issam Khairallah, president of Midex Airlines, said: “We are under review. We will present our response to the audit finding, and if [the GCAA] doesn’t agree they might stop us from being operational.”

However, he denied that the threat was likely or that the GCAA had withdrawn Midex’s air operator’s certificate, due to document irregularities, denouncing the rumours as coming from a disgruntled employee.

A GCAA spokesperson confirmed there was nothing out of the ordinary about the audit: “The GCAA is reviewing the operations of Midex and is working closely with them to resolve operational issues. This is a routine activity conducted by the GCAA with all its operators in the region.”

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