Money’s short for Aryan Cargo

AFTER months of delays to its launch, now, barely two months after it technically started operations, luck still isn’t plentiful for India’s Aryan Cargo.

The first sign of the carrier’s problems, aside from the delays, was when the chief financial officer dramatically quit without notice. According to an anonymous source within the company this is due to ongoing financial problems.

“They have been continuously delaying salaries,” he said. “We haven’t [been paid] salaries for the past three months.”

However, chairman and managing director, Mukut Pathak, said that, while there were problems, they weren’t insurmountable: “I agree there has been a delay of two months [in paying salaries]. Our launch was delayed so the process of getting funds also got delayed. By Friday, we hope to clear all the dues.”

Aryan Cargo has an Airbus A310 freighter leased from Air India and is to receive a second soon.

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