More Volga-Dnepr charters in the pipeline

VOLGA-DNEPR has completed 30 Boeing 747F charter flights in the past three months with more expected in the coming weeks.

In a move that maintains its reputation for flying alternative cargo, Volga Dnepr shipped 60 tonnes of 12m long pipes on a chartered 747F to an oil rig in the North Sea on 22 March.

Working for Chapman Freeborn and its customer Damco, Volga-Dnepr Group was able to arrange for an AirBridgeCargo Airlines’ charter flight to deliver the pipes from Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan, to Billund in Denmark. Faulty machinery parts had threatened to stop production within a couple of days and create losses for the oil company of US$20,000 per hour.

The shipment was carried using 20-foot pallets and connectors and required two high-loaders for loading and unloading.

The flight schedule was affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the eastern side of Japan but all parties were able to execute timely delivery of the shipment to Europe.

Key recent Volga-Dnepr charter flights have included two 747Fs on behalf of Emercom in Russia, carrying 200 tonnes of relief cargo from Moscow to Islamabad after the major floods in Pakistan, as well as a flight from New Delhi to Port-au-Prince in Haiti with 100 tonnes of multi-purpose soap for earthquake victims.

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