Moscow airport’s e-Freight bid

MOSCOW’S Domodedovo has begun preparations for the next implementation phase of a move towards e-Freight at the Russian hub airport.
Electronic documentation of transfer cargo shipments (cargo movements from one aircraft to another) is the airport’s next step in its bid to become a paperless cargo hub, says a spokesperson.
A pilot project started in Russia in 2012. Algorithms were checked for the first time in August 2012, when shipments aboard a transit flight of AirBrigeCargo were handled in a paperless way.
By the end of February, 2013, the airport had successfully served 22 transit flights with electronic document submission by the air carrier to customs.
Domodedovo is actively supporting the implementation of electronic document flows, stresses Igor Borisov, the airport’s director.
A key inter-agency working group meeting on the subject of Russian implementation took place in February of this year. This congress included representatives from both the aviation industry and government institutions.
The gathering discussed the interim results of the Russian pilot scheme and explored next steps.
Borisov states: “Realisation of e-freight technology will enable Domodedovo to establish competitive advantages for attracting global transit cargo-flows.”
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