Munich Airport sees cargo recovery

THE global financial and economic crisis did not leave Munich Airport’s traffic figures unscathed in 2009.

The total airfreight volume at Munich Airport, at almost 216,000 tons, was 11 per cent lower than in the previous year. However, the quarterly figures for the cargo business showed an upward trend. After plummeting 26 per cent in the first quarter, the freight volume was already posting positive results again in the final three months of the year, with an increase of nearly nine per cent as compared with the previous year.

In view of the significantly improved economic situation and a noticeable resurgence in demand for air travel, Michael Kerkloh, chief executive officer of FMG, the Munich Airport operating company, sees strong medium to long-term prospects for a continuation of the successful development of the hub.

“To be in a position to benefit from the existing growth opportunities, a third runway is urgently needed at Munich Airport,” he said. “We therefore hope that the ongoing planning permission process will end with a positive ruling this year so that we can move forward decisively with the expansion projects that are so crucial to the development of our airport.”

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