Munich sees passenger and cargo growth

MUNICH Airport continues to post stronger than average growth in 2008. In the first quarter of this year a total of 7.7 million passengers took off or landed at the airport, an increase of 6.5 per cent over the same period a year earlier. Another record was set for aircraft movements as well.

For the first time, Munich Airport recorded more than 100,000 take offs and landings in the first three months of the year. The results in the airfreight segment are also still soaring, with more than 62,000 metric tons flown during the first quarter of 2008, the airport handled nearly seven per cent more goods than in the first quarter of 2007.

International flights were a major growth driver in the early months of the year. Both the European and long haul segments experienced increases of over nine per cent in total passengers. Destinations in the USA were in particularly strong demand. These routes actually saw a 14 per cent increase compared with the previous year.

Due the strong demand, airlines at Munich once again significantly increased the size of their aircraft. On average, the aircraft operating at Munich Airport were 2.7 tons heavier than in the same period a year earlier. In addition, the average load factor increased by 1.3 percentage points.

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