Navigators to guide U-Freight

U-FREIGHT has created a new management team to devise and implement strategic initiatives.

The team (right), known as the Navigators, consists of 12 executives, 11 vice-presidents and a corporate project administrator all selected from various U-Freight national offices around the world.

UFL’s chief executive officer, Simon Wong, said: “The Navigators team is an exciting management initiative that can only profit the group and our customers. The knowledge these executives have from years of senior management positions within the group, will be utilised to create plans and policies that will help increase the quality of our product offering to customers worldwide.

“The Navigators team complements other specialist management teams within the company such as the U-Freight China team. Set up in 2006, this consists of key executives from within the U-Freight Group and provides professional consultancy support services on matters relating to logistics in China to members of the company’s global office and partner network.

“Given the collective experience of the 12 members of this new team, I’m sure that they are more than capable of driving forward our position in the various trades that we serve,” said Wong.

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