NCA accelerates business plan

NIPPON Cargo Airlines has updated its business strategy to accomplish self operation in flight operations, maintenance, freight service and IT, in a little over three years. According to president, Tadamasa Ishida, and globalises the scope of its business, while concurrently operating about 10 B747 freighters internationally.

The ‘Phoenix Project’ sets out steps for NCA to grow to become the world’s top-ranking cargo airline both in quality and quantity, expanding business globally with the combined advantages of its powerful hardware, such as a fleet of 24 state-of-the-art aircraft, and competitive software such as the operational excellence provided by our own flight operations, maintenance, freight services, IT, global organisation and human resources.

NCA carried out more than 400 action plans and will have achieved independence in most fields of operations by the end of March 2008. It also accelerated a renewal of its fleet, taking delivery of B747-400Fs, while completing the retirement of all B747-200Fs within FY2007. The earlier retirement of B747-200Fs and efficient operations by all B747-400Fs will have a positive impact on the bottom line.

NCA aims to ensure safe and independent operations, provide air cargo services to meet its customer’s expectations, strengthen its business basis by improvement of the bottom line through the ‘Seven Pillars’ in Phoenix Project 08.

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