New 777F game changer for FedEx

FEDEX Express has taken delivery of its first 777 freighter, the first for a US-based global freight carrier and the ninth that Boeing has delivered.

“The 777F is a game changer,” said Michael Ducker, president, international, FedEx Express, speaking at the delivery. “Its operational efficiencies and environmental benefits alone are impressive, but combine those advantages with the service improvements it delivers and FedEx Express will be able to take international shipping to another level.”

FedEx is counting on transit times with the new freighter, from its hub in Memphis to points in Asia, dropping from between one and two hours.

The 777s will be able to fly 3,890 km further and carry 37,000 more pounds than the company’s current MD-11s. It will use 18 per cent less fuel, have reduced maintenance costs and provide quieter takeoffs and landings.

By April 2010, FedEx Express plans to have four 777Fs serving routes between Asia and the US. In all, there will be 15 777Fs in the company’s fleet by the end of fiscal 2014; FedEx Express also has a second order of 15 777Fs, which will be delivered between fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2019, and holds options on 15 more 777Fs.

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