New first with broker partnership

THREE cargo charter brokers have launched what they claim is the world’s first consortium of independent brokers – Global Charter Alliance (GCA).

Pacific Airlift of Singapore, The Charter Store of the US and Neo Air Charter of Germany say they will use their alliance to share contacts, market intelligence and other information, leverage collective buying power and benefit from economies of scale.

Andrew Sim, director of Pacific Airlift, which specialises in carrying live animals, says: “We know each other very well, and have successfully worked together on many projects. The recent launch of Neo by our old friends Adnan Duran and Stefan Kohlmann acted as a catalyst for the creation of GCA, and a way of building our co-operation to the next level.”

Stefan Kohlmann, joint managing partner of Neo, says: “The charter market has become dominated by a small number of major players, and we believe this has been detrimental to service standards and competition; neither carriers nor shippers have benefitted. The [GCA] aims to provide an alternative model, in which size and infrastructure do not replace customer focus, fair deals and competitive pricing.”

The three confirm they plan to expand the GCA’s membership further.

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