New freighter to join West Atlantic

WEST Atlantic, the Anglo-Swedish cargo airline, will operate a Bombardier Q400 freighter from October.

The freight conversion of the usual passenger turbo-prop allows a payload of nine metric tonnes.

“Operating 750-mile sectors with the same block performance as a jet, but with turbo-prop economics, the Q400F fits neatly into our fleet,” said sales and operations director, Russell Ladkin. “It’s a niche aircraft for sure, but is ideal for clients whose requirements include long thin routes and its Cat III landing capability offers useful added value for suitably equipped airport operations.”

Ladkin added that while the Q400F is currently equipped with standard passenger doors and baggage door at the rear, West Atlantic is considering developing a large cargo door and cargo-handling system for ULD operations, should the demand appear.

The airline, Europe’s largest regional freight carrier, currently operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft, including 43 of the smaller BAe ATP-Fs.

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