New IL-76TD-90VD for Volga Dnepr

VOLGA-Dnepr Airlines is adding a third IL-76TD-90VD freighter to its fleet in April. This takes the company’s investment of the new 50-tonne-capacity ramp-loading freighter model to over US$90 million, although it predicts this investment is likely to double to meet global demand. Two more of the freighters are scheduled for delivery in 2011.

Unlike old versions of the IL-76, which have been banned from Europe’s skies since 2000 after failing to meet strict noise and emissions requirements, the new IL-76TD-90VD was approved for global operations in 2006. It now frequently operates to major markets in Europe, the US, Japan and Australia.

Dennis Gliznoutsa, group commercial director of charters for Volga-Dnepr, said: “It has proven to be a highly cost-efficient cargo aircraft that is extremely popular with customers, particularly in Europe and the US. For example, it can operate a direct flight from Europe to Kabul.”

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