New system cuts transport costs

LUFTHANSA Cargo, which recently acquired bmi in the UK, claims it has achieved both a major drop in its European road and freight cost reductions of five per cent, since adopting an electronic logistics platform.

The TISYS system, supplied by Transporeon has made order placement more efficient at a time when Lufthansa Cargo is handling approximately 1.8 million tons of freight worldwide per year, particularly building components, fruits and textiles.

Christa Pannke, manager of operation and control of the Road Feeder Service (RFS) at Lufthansa Cargo, said that the process of freight flown in from other continents and continuing its journey on European roads is a tested and inevitable practice for the companies concerned.

“The European region simply does not have the loading capacity to transport all goods to and fro by air,” said Pannke.

“Our goods are also transported on the street in airfreight containers. However, these boxes can be loaded only through roller conveyors because of their thin metal-plate walls. There is the possibility that they will end up bending on a forklift. For this reason, roller bed trucks that have rollers settled on the floor of their storage space are used in airfreight substitute shipment. With TISYS, Lufthansa Cargo is able to ensure that only tested and experienced carrier companies with appropriate vehicles can gain access to orders.”

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