Newark tests satellite navigation

NEWARK Liberty International Airport is set to trial the US’ first satellite-based navigation system over the current radar system.

The Port Authority will spend US$2.5 million to buy, install and maintain the GBAS system from Honeywell. Continental will invest approximately $1.1 million to outfit 15 planes with the equipment and train pilots to use the system. The Federal Aviation Authority will then spend $2.5 million to assess the technology and expand its use.

By using the system, air traffic controllers will be able to more accurately determine where aircraft are and by knowing so be able to fly planes closer together and land more efficiently but without compromising safety. The savings to jet fuel will also be considerable.

“Satellite navigation has tremendous accuracy and integrity for civil navigation, creating far more efficiency than radar in processing planes and they do not have the obstruction issues that radio waves have,” said William DeCota Aviation Director at the Port Authority.

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