Nigerian airports in need of cargo upgrade

NIGERIAN freight forwarders are urging authorities to improve the country’s airports, as out-of-date facilities are hindering the flow of freight.

Toyin Olufade, president of the Association of Nigerian Courier Operators, said that all the designated cargo airports in the country need state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to receive, store, process and ship all types of freight.

Nigeria has a lack of dedicated courier reception facilities at its international airports, which would enable Nigeria Customs Service to render all round-night and-day services throughout the week to courier companies.

Modernised facilities would offer airlines and cargo carriers cost reduction and allow them to expand their services in terms of geographic coverage and increased frequency of service.

Olufade also noted that there is a need to review obsolete laws regulating the air cargo sector and that security is a huge technical and practical challenge for air shipping services in the country. The Airfreighters Stakeholders Forum has proposed that a unique security and safety surveillance system be designed and put in place at all the airports.

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