Olympic Handling gets new investment

OLYMPIC Airways has been bought by the Athens-based Marfin Investment group.

Savas Aslanidis has taken over as cargo operations director of Olympic Handling, who previously held a similar position at Goldair Handling.

“We need to recruit and train the right staff,” he said, “carry out major repairs and maintenance of the cargo terminal building and equipment, assure the smooth running of daily operations, focus on the existing client base and obtain new business by connecting regional airports by road freight service with Athens and Thessaloniki.

“I will, of course, be responsible for cargo operations of all Olympic Handling customers including Olympic Airways, the former state-owned company which operates a comprehensive domestic flight network, as well as its international destinations. I will also have the commercial responsibility for all carriers and freight forwarder customers of the company.

“The company handles annually 38,000 tons of cargo and mail, import and export, both Olympic and other airlines, which is around 30 per cent of Athens airport’ annual volume. Athens cargo terminal employs about 250 employees for cargo operations in Athens and has cargo stations in Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Kastoria.

“Being a team and being organised, with a strong focus on quality of services, plus good communication with employees and customers, follow-up on costs, being available 24/7, are parameters that I believe will drive the success of this project.”

“Keeping in mind that the financial downturn has not affected the country so badly due to lack of heavy industry and will not suffer huge losses as other countries, and provided that stakeholders of the Greek Freight Forwarding & Transport Industry will properly promote marketing-wise, I strongly believe that the day after, Greek transport market will still have a great potential,” said Aslanidis.

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