Panalpina picks three regional CEOs

FREIGHT forwarder the Panalpina Group has appointed three regional chief executive officers (RCEOs) to ensure tighter management of growing markets.

Marco Gadola, chief financial officer, will become the RCEO Asia Pacific. Volker Boehringer, area manager central Europe, will become the RCEO Europe/Middle East. The search for the RCEO Americas, as well as Panalpina’s new chief financial officer, is under way. The changes will come into effect in the first half of 2012.

“Our ambitious growth targets for 2014 demand that we adapt the way in which we manage the markets,” CEO Monika Ribar (pictured) commented. “We need to shift power of decision from corporate headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) closer to where our customers do business. If we want to exploit trade lanes out of Asia, we need to win more local customers there. This in turn requires more local decision-taking.”

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