Polet receives fourth IL-96-400T freighter

POLET Airlines has taken delivery of its third Il-96-400T freighter. The aircraft will operate scheduled cargo services twice a week between China, Russia and Germany carrying up to 90 tons.

Khaydar Khasanzyanov, Polet’s marketing manager for the Il-96, told Air Cargo News: “Next year we’re planning on getting the fourth Il-96, probably April and two others over the next two or three years. So we’ll have four in the fleet.

“We started with two frequencies to Munich from Novosibirsk coming back via Moscow, but now we’re planning on increasing flights to both Munich and Liège by the beginning of next year, especially dedicated to the fourth aircraft coming to the fleet.

“Before, we were flying charters so we need some time to see the aircrafts’ performance in scheduled flights, to see and analyse how it goes with having two frequencies from Shanghai-Munich and Shanghai-Liège.

“The target is to increase both routes’ frequencies. With both aircraft we would like to see, since we have traffic rights to operate flights out of Peking as well, if we can get Europe flights from there as well.”

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