JULY 2008, Polet Airlines moved new Emirates A380 model from Ontario (California) to London Heathrow, with a tech-stop in Goose Bay (Canada). The model is 1/3 of the actual Airbus A380 size in original Emirates colours. The whole operation took place in just two days, since the aircraft model was flown in several pieces.

“It was necessary to transport such a cargo in a very careful and special way. The model was done in a perfect way so we had to be sure the model will not be harmed in any way,” said Dmitry Avdeev, Polet Airlines sales manager, who was overlooking the transportation.

The whole shipment with dunnage was close to 80 metric tons. The Airbus A380 model is currently being assembled on ‘Concorde’ roundabout on entrance to Heathrow’s Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

The fuselage included three pieces of which the middle section weighs approx 20 tons. Both wings, horizontal stabilisers and tail, were packed in a huge cradle measuring 17×5.5×4.1 m and weighing 44 tons.

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