Portland products appeal to Asiana Airlines

ASIANA Airlines plans to launch freighter flights between Portland (US) and Seoul (South Korea) in September, restoring international air cargo service to Portland Airport.

Portland lost international air cargo service about four years ago but has now been helped along by demand overseas for agricultural products and items from companies such as Intel, Nike, and Oracle, which operate in the region.

747 freighters are scheduled to fly three times a week between the US and Incheon International Airport.

Cargo carriers serving Asia and the US make most of their money on US-bound flights, flying exports to North America, but cargo on return flights is often insufficient. Asiana managers have surveyed the Portland market and determined that companies there have enough freight bound for the Far East to support the new service.

The airfreight service means exporters in the northwest US no longer need to truck perishable freight as far as Vancouver (Canada) or Los Angeles (US) to catch flights for Asia.

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