Qantas Freight push for paperless air cargo

QANTAS Freight announced that it would work with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the local airfreight industry to lead the rollout of its e-Freight initiative in Australia by 2010.
Executive general manager Qantas Freight Enterprises, Grant Fenn, said IATA’s e-Freight initiative was an important step towards simplifying and modernising the air cargo industry to meet the demands of today’s global supply chain.
“Airfreight at present is unnecessarily complex, relying on myriad outdated paper processes,” he said.
“We are looking forward to when paper airwaybills and other documentation currently required in multiple copies, can be replaced with a single electronic message that can be used throughout the life of the shipment.”

Fenn said Qantas Freight was well placed to lead the rollout of e-Freight in Australia, having already begun a multi-million dollar project to replace its legacy IT systems to improve the accuracy of data capture and manage demands for greater data sharing.
“It is crucial to the success of e-Freight that all players, including airlines, government agencies, forwarders and shippers, work together to improve the quality of information.
“Ultimately, electronic messaging will mean better service for customers and a strengthening of the safety and security of air cargo, without disrupting speed of delivery.
“The e-Freight initiative will also deliver significant cost savings to the industry through the elimination of paper storage, a reduction in the incidence of delays from freight arriving at its destination without documentation, and improved data consistency.”

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