Qatar Airways steps up cool chain service

QATAR Airways Cargo has launched two new premium services that will optimise the transportation of time- and temperature-sensitive goods, including high-value pharmaceuticals products and perishables.
The new services, called Q Pharma and Q Fresh, will add to the company’s range of cargo services and further enhance its capacity and flexibility to effectively move sensitive commodities in line with the highest world-class standards, says a statement.  
Q Pharma, which is an airfreight service for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, offers both active and passive solutions.
The active solution provides temperature-controlled containers, which are designed to maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire transportation chain; and the passive solution keeps products within a defined temperature band at all stages of their journey.
“By investing in sophisticated technology and a team of highly qualified staff, Qatar Airways Cargo enables healthcare companies and their logistic partners to ship temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals all over the world while maintaining the integrity and quality of their products throughout the supply chain,” states Ulrich Ogiermann, chief cargo officer at Qatar Airways.
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