Regulators consider advanced air cargo data law

REGULATORY agencies are proposing new draft laws to step up the submission of customs information for all air cargo shipments well in advance of aircraft departures.
This house airwaybill level information will be used to calculate potential security risk, with corresponding screening and relevant regulatory messages sent to the carrier/forwarder.
TIACA’s secretary general Doug Brittin, who is providing an opening address at the World Customs Organisation’s (WCO) Annual Technical Experts Group on Air Cargo Security conference in Brussels, says that a significant amount of further study needs to be done in this area and, more importantly, common global standards and procedures need to be developed.
TIACA will be recommending that all regulatory parties coordinate this process through the WCO.
“A similar process should also be followed to establish common procedures for member states’ security regulators, to ensure common security screening methods are in place,” says Brittin.
Much work still needs to be done in this area to avoid potentially serious disruptions to air cargo flows.
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