Report reveals industrys trends

ACMG’s has released its International Air Freight and Express Industry Performance Analysis 2008. The analysis provides a detailed assessment of the international air cargo and express last year.

“All indications are that international airfreight for 2008 will show a decline of two to four per cent compared to the results for 2007,” said Robert Dahl, ACMG managing director. “November results showed double-digit declines and early reports indicate that the December figures will come in even lower.”

ACMG predicts global airfreight traffic to drop another five per cent before a recovery begins in 2010. “This is clearly disappointing news for an industry where six per cent annual growth is the norm,” commented Dahl. “On the other hand, airfreight tends to be a leading economic indicator, so when the recovery does come airfreight companies will be among the earliest beneficiaries.” Over the longterm economists predict global GDP will exhibit three per cent annual growth and ACMG thinks that this will support a return to six per cent average annual growth for airfreight.

“Things to watch for in 2009 include further consolidation and more concern about shippers switching to the ocean mode as they seek to cut their transportation costs. Hopefully by mid-2009 we will see the first signs of a market recovery, although we don’t expect a major turnaround in the near term.”

The report can be bought from ACMG’s website at

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