Rockford opens new cargo centre

CHICAGO Rockford International Airport’s first phase of its new 72,000 sq ft (6700 m²) cargo centre has been completed. 
Executive director Bob O’Brien says: “We are confident it will be only a matter of time before another cargo operator calls RFD home. 
"The recent surge in fuel prices, followed by the economic downturn, coupled with the recent increase in doing business at O’Hare, is causing many international operators to understand that they must permanently reduce their operating expenses while simultaneously gaining sustainable operational efficiencies. 
"The cost of doing business at O’Hare is clearly only increasing,” adds O’Brien.
"The airport’s new International Cargo Centre at RFD is adjacent to UPS’s second largest sort facility in the US. 
"It allows cargo to be transported from aircraft to aircraft without use of an offsite satellite warehouse and has onsite customs staff.

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